I have two special missions in my life: To cater to our customers and to give back to our community, locally and globally. I want to surprise our customers with passionately prepared, healthy dishes, often with unexpected twists that make events more memorable and shareable. I want to give back to the world I live in.

Feed the People Catering donates a 10% portion of our net profit to charities that help feed people.

Helping others is a true passion of mine. Growing up in a third world country, I routinely witnessed hunger and starvation. I always wanted to do something to help others, but giving back really became a huge part of my life in 2008 when my husband Tony and I took our first mission trip to Belize to provide medical services and build homes. Seeing the joy that we bring to the Belizeans keeps me going back each year. And seeing the pure joy that good food brings to people from all walks of life gave me a powerful idea:

From your heart to their table.


Feed people. Bring joy.

It’s just what we all need to do. Please join me.


Vickie’s father brought their growing family to the United States when she was only 10 years old. In the early years of life here, her parents were often absent as they either worked or traveled back and forth to the Philippines. As the oldest girl in a family of 10 siblings, Vickie quickly became the matriarch of her family — and it seems she’s been caring for just about everyone she can ever since.   

In fact, for most of Vickie’s life, she has been driven to help and delight others — with her wildly extroverted personality and diverse creative talents, she has truly touched so many. In her college years, her father managed to purchased a small, but successful three-star restaurant, but he was spread too thin to actually run the business. Vickie walked away from her dreams and fashion design scholarship to help her family run the restaurant. Married with two children in her mid-twenties, she pursued floral design, seamstress work and multiple instructor roles in the fitness industry to help make ends meet while she raised her own family. But as her two children Mario and Daniella moved on with college and their careers, Vickie found herself with more time to focus on other pursuits. In 2006 Vickie put her fitness experience to work for breast cancer, and launched Spin for the Cure. For 6 years she grew her charity event to include nearly 200 spinning bikes at the CIntas Center, ultimately raising approximately $75,000 for the cause.

In 2008, Vickie took her first mission trip to Belize, and has returned every year, translating for doctors, handing out literally thousands of reading and sun glasses and recently, teaching Belizeans how to grow, select and cook more nutritious foods.

In 2012, Vickie started Feed the People Catering. ​Almost immediately, working with Horizon Community Church, Vickie began providing meals to City Gospel Mission, a Cincinnati-based charity that helps the homeless break the cycle of poverty and despair. Currently she prepares and serves nearly 200 meals each month for City Gospel’s Exodus (men's recovery program) and Having the Courage to Change (women’s recovery program) and the inter-city's homeless — they can’t wait to see what ‘Chef Vickie’ will bring next. Feed the People customers seem to feel the same way.

Thank you for your support. 

How Vickie works:
Vickie is a personal chef providing professional meal preparation to clients for a fee. Vickie consults with clients about their preferences, health concerns, allergies and dietary constraints to create a customized menu for parties and events.  All ingredients are purchased from local suppliers and  taken to the client’s home, prepared and served at the client’s residence.

For larger events at venues other than private residences, Vickie also works with several Risk 4 rated commercial kitchen partners.  All ingredients are purchased from local suppliers and  taken to the commercial kitchen partner’s location. Meals are prepared in the commercial kitchen and transported in containers to maintain proper temperatures during transport through set up at the venue. Food can be served buffet style or plated at the clients’ request. 

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